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Battle of Britain Newsreels

Selected newsreels from 1940 and 1941 related to the air defense of Britain.Battle of Britain is the name commonly given to the effort by the German Luftwaffe to gain air superiority over the Roya...

I created this initially as a Toy (god forbid) now it's a pride and joy and if the kids touch it - death would be a better option :). So far I estimate I have spent around just £250 on this in materials, kits etc. and it's taken me about 18 months.

This is RAF Alexander (fictitious of course) but is meant to be an RAF Blenheim base during WWII supported by a flight of RAF Hurricanes.

Latest projects are a Farm House and Pub so come back later for those pics I'll try and improve the lighting to improve the pics.

The pictures below show a few of the scenes I have created so far.